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California Consumer
Privacy Act Regulations

Protect Your Information

*For California Residents Only

To opt-out of the potential future sale of any of your information that has been collected by Peter Piper Pizza, or to learn what information has been collected, please fill out the form below.

Nature of Request

Opt-out of the sale of personal information

To request disclosure on what information has been collected

To request whether personal information has been sold in the past

Learn your rights and how Peter Piper Pizza protects your information

Peter Piper Pizza has in place a privacy policy that outlines what personal information we collect and how we use it.

In addition to our internal policies, we also adhere to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). This act enhances privacy rights and consumer protections for California residents.

What does the CCPA stipulate?


  • Grants users rights over their data through access, transfer, editing, and deletion requests
  • Gives consumers the ability to opt-out of certain data-processing practices
  • Establishes greater consequences for businesses that fail to adequately protect data
  • Shifts accountability for data protection onto businesses that collect and handle user information

What does this mean for me?

This means that California residents have the following rights:

  • To know what information is being collected about them
  • To know if their personal information is sold or disclosed, and to whom
  • To say “no” to the sale of personal information
  • To access their personal information

How do I protect my information that I’ve shared with Peter Piper Pizza?

To opt-out of the potential future sale of any of your information that has been collected by Peter Piper Pizza, please fill out the form below. We require three (3) markers of identification to ensure the identity of the person making the request. You will receive an email within 48 hours to confirm your request and we are legally required to comply with your request within 45 days. If you do not wish to complete the webform, you can also opt-out by emailing info@peterpiperpizza.com.

You may use an authorized agent that has been registered with the Secretary of State to exercise your right to opt-out on your behalf. If you elect to use an authorized agent, you must provide the authorized agent written permission to do so that will be given to Peter Piper Pizza and verify your own identity directly with Peter Piper Pizza. To find more information about using an authorized agent please go to California’s Secretary of State website.

For questions or more information

If you would like more information about this process or have questions beyond what is addressed here, you can contact Peter Piper Pizza at info@peterpiperpizza.com or 480-609-6400 attn: Marketing Department.